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Universities and Colleges in Scotland employ a range of staff including lecturers and tutors, administrators and researchers. Search and apply online for University or College jobs in Scotland at Or upload your CV to get headhunted.

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Working for Universities and Colleges

The world of academia employs many people in a variety of different roles. Whilst universities and colleges are dependant on lecturers and research staff, they also employ staff in administrative, finance, HR, marketing and domestic roles.

Higher education lecturers teach in universities or institutes of higher education. They may teach a purely academic course (such as history or literature) or a more vocational course (related to a particular job, such as physiotherapy or pharmacy). Most higher education lecturers also do research work in their own subject.

Academic Staff

As well as giving lecturers, academic staff are responsible for creating the syllabus, marking assessments and setting exams. Lecturers are required to have substantial knowledge of their chosen subject and immediate entry into lecturing is not common.

Research Staff

Universities and Colleges are historically at the forefrunt of research developments. PhD students and research staff work on key projects on behalf of the Government or commercial business.

Support Staff

Academic staff are supported by staff in other roles. Universities and College have all of the day to day business functions of any commercial business and as such employ staff in marketing, admin, finance, HR and technical roles.

Universities and Colleges in Scotland

There are many Universities and Colleges providing higher and further education in Scotland, as well as recreational, vocational and corporate learning courses.

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