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Police Service

The Police Service in Scotland is responsible for maintaining law and order, the service is made up of 8 distinct Police Forces and is supported by the Scottish Police Services authority. Search and apply for Police jobs in Scotland on

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Scottish Police Forces

Police forces in Scotland provide a range of varied services to the people of Scotland. As well as the visible presence on our streets, employees of the Police Force are responsible for maintaining law and order, protecting the public, detecting criminals, controlling road traffic and coping with minor or major emergencies.

Police Officers

Most of the Police Forces in Scotland recruit throughout the year and provide details about entrance tests and criteria on their websites. In addition, many take on Police Cadets or Special Constables- both of these options allow potential recruits to gain on the job experience.

Police Officers work shifts, both in an office and outdoors and also under risk of physical injury. They are also required to have emotional strength, a good memory, be assertive and honest and have a smart appearance. Communication and decision making skills are necessary as is attention to detail.

Along with competitive salary grades, Police Forces operate promotion policies. There are numerous opportunities to move throughout the ranks or specialise. Specialisms include traffic police, criminal investigation, anti-terrorism, dog handling and mounted police.

Police Support Staff

Police Forces recruit a huge variety of support staff in many roles to ensure that day to day operations run smoothly. These staff count for at least 30% of all Police Force employees and are essential to the organisation. There are many roles including legal, administrative, domestic and maintenance positions as well as HR, finance and IT.

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