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Chances are that everyone in Scotland will be affected by the NHS at some stage in their life. A directorate of the Scottish Government, the NHS Scotland employs over 150,00 staff in a huge variety of jobs. Search for NHS jobs in Scotland.

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NHS Jobs in Scotland

The NHS in Scotland employs over 150,000 people, made up of more than 47,500 nurses, 3,800 consultants and 12,000 doctors, as well as dentists, pharmacists and opticians. Each are supported by administrative, domestic and maintenance staff.

Medical Staff within the NHS

Professional and trained medical staff are most prominent of the NHS. Dedicated staff provide healthcare, advice and treatment to the people of Scotland in hospitals and surgeries. Doctors and Nurses are also on hand to assist in emergency situations. Specialist staff provide diagnosis and treatment in a variety of areas including hearing, osteopathy, optometry, psychiatry, physchology, and physiotherapy.

Operational Staff within the NHS

The NHS relies on a huge team of skilled operational staff to support the day to day activities of medical professionals. As well as administrative and clerical staff, the NHS required the same skills as any other organisation. As such, staff are often required to work in IT, project management, HR, marketing and senior management. In addition to this, hospitals and surgeries employ ancillary staff in essential domestic roles such as cooking, cleaning, maintenance and security.

Ambulance Service

The Ambulance Service is part of the NHS and serves the whole of Scotland. They are at the frontline of emergency healthcare in the country, with trained paramedics and ambulance technicians responding to emergency 99 calls to provide initial health care to patients in need. The Ambulance Service also provides patient transport services - moving patients between hospitals or to and from appointments.