Hospital project to create 2,500 jobs

Originally published in Evening Times, 7/11/2009

Building Glasgow's new flagship hospital will ceate 2,500 jobs, Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon has revealed.

Speaking in Govan as plans for the New South Glasgow Hospital Campus were unveiled, Ms Sturgeon said she expected the project to bring big benefits to Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

She said the contractor appointed to deliver the ambitious plan, Brookfield Europe, had made "a number of commitments that will deliver community benefit", adding: "About 2,500 people will work on the this project over its lifetime.  They've committed that 10% of them will be new entrants to the labour market.

"That's people on apprenticeship and training contracts as well as new employment.  In an area that has challenges with unemployment, that's really good news.

"In all likelihood they will come from the local community - not necessarily from Govan but from Glasgow and across the West of Scotland."

Health chiefs say the new 840million hospital, which will replace the Southern General and will boast a new children's hospital, adult hospital and test labs, will break new ground in the quality of patient care.

Robert Calderwood, chief executive of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said the hospitals will be a beacon for world-wide excellence.

He added: "The vision for this hospital is that it will be not only one of the biggest hospital campuses in the UK, but it will also have a unique blend of specialists allied to researchers and University of Glasgow clinical academics, and we expect to create a campus in which breakthroughs in treatment are delivered.

"It's also going to be the kind of facility that will attract the best people to want to work in Glasgow and help develop services."

The campus, which will be bigger than 11 football pitches, will boast an array of state-of-the-art facilities including a lab which will operate 24 hours a day.

Helen Byrne, director of acute planning, said the facility would provide massive benefits for patients.