Teaching and Education Jobs in Scotland

Education in Scotland

Scotland has a history of providing compulsory education to all children aged 5 to 16, covering a vast number of subjects. The Scottish Government has tasked local education authorities with Making Scotland Smarter. In order to achieve this goal, nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools require qualified teachers, classroom assistants and support staff.

Teacher Training in Scotland

Primary Teachers must hold either a 4 year BEd in Primary Education or have completed a degree followed by a PGDE certificate. Secondary Teachers can also complete a PGDE certificate or attain a 4 year BEd degree in the subject they wish to teach.

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Upon completion of a relevant qualification teachers must complete a one-year Induction year (or Probationary period) and be registered with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS).

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Primary Teaching in Scotland

Primary Schools provide the 1st 7 years of a child's education, equipping them with skills and knowledge required at secondary school. Primary School Teachers are responsible for provision of a well-rounded and balanced education. Primary Teachers usually teach one class for a full year and are required to teach a variety of subjects, in line with curriculum guidelines and local authority standards. Teachers have real potential to make a difference to a child's life and future whilst enjoying an incredibly satisfying job. Salary is competitive, holidays are generous and there are plenty of opportunities for career progression.

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Secondary Teaching in Scotland

Secondary Schools (also known as High Schools or Academies) teach children aged 11-18, with it being compulsory to stay in school until the age of 16. Secondary school allows children to specialise in particular areas whilst dedicating more time to key subjects like English and Maths. Secondary Teachers will ordinarily only teach one subject and will teach pupils of all ages. As well as general teaching, staff are on hand to instil passion, discipline and learning development as well as social skills. Teachers will often be called upon to offer career guidance and assist young people in making relevant decisions.

Career development opportunities are good, each subject will require a Head of Department to create and manage the curriculum whilst maintaining teaching standards. In addition to this, senior staff such as Headteachers are responsible for the strategic operation of the school.

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Support Staff

No school would be able to run smoothly without the skills and knowledge of its support staff. Classroom assistants, technicians, cooks, cleaners and administrative staff are all essential in the day to day running of a school.

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